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How is it important?

Most of the residents in Singapore have a roof over there head but more often than not, that's about it. Do you know? 80% of Singaporeans live in the government's subsidised HDB housing while the rest live in private apartments/condominiums/landed houses.
Why is that so?
How did they do it?
Yes, the rich does get richer-
but that is because they know how to make full use of their assets.
Do you believe that you can retire comfortably in Singapore?
What are you going to leverage on to achieve that?
Is it your subsidised HDB?
Let's look at the following example:


John & Lyra (both 30 years old) buys a 5 Room HDB flat.

30 years later

The 5 Room HDB flat is valued at $450K.
Their son, James (29 year old) is happily married with a child,
and has moved out to their matrimonial home. 
John & Lyra (both 62 years old now) decides
they do not need such a big home and
plan to downgrade for retirement.
They buy a 3 Room HDB flat at $300K.
After 30 years, John & Lyra managed to cash out $150K for retirement.
Is $150K enough for their retirement 30 years later?
What would have been different if John & Lyra bought
a Private Property instead of a HDB flat?
Let me share the differences with you and you will understand
how Asset Progression is important for You and your family.
Take the chance to change your future.
It is just a click away:

Hi,  I'm Thea

I take pride in assisting my clients realise the full potential of their assets- to have a roof over their head, upgrade to a better home and/or even acquire passive income through the right property investment based on their profile and expectations.
Equipped with the right knowledge, principles and financial techniques, I have helped my clients visualise the potential of the available options in the market and take action to reap the most benefit out of Singapore's property cycles. 
I believe that with systematic planning- the journey towards achieving desired financial goals will be clear and easy. I aspire to help all my clients achieve financial security and present them the opportunity to retire earlier, with a legacy for future generations.
Of course, everyone deserves a unique
Asset Progression Plan of their own.
Let's meet up for a free 1-hour consultation today!

Engage an award winning agent to analyse with you today

Hear What my clients say

Hear What my clients say

My family and I met Thea when my parents decided to sell their HDB so that we can upgrade to a condominium. We had no idea about how property investment goes about until Thea patiently shared her knowledge with us. She did a financial analysis for my family and advised on how we can maximise the potential of our assets.


After introducing us to a few developments and evaluating the pros and cons based on our needs, we are proud to say we found our new nest! Very grateful to have met Thea who provided excellent guidance in the search of a new home/investment property for my family!

- Gina Lim

As a foreigner, I had to find someone reliable in Singapore who can communicate well and understand my preferences. I was referred to Thea by a friend and she had indeed lived up to her name as an agent who provides commendable services from the start of search to the completion of sale for my new home.


Her professional advices had helped me narrow down my search within a short period of time, allowing me to make a swift decision. If you are looking for someone who can give dependable services at every step of the way, Thea is the one you should look for! 

-  Mr Chen

Start growing your wealth

in a systematic manner!


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